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Painted The Whole Body of Nene Sakura (Nenecchi)



Nene Sakura is the character of New Game!. She is the childhood friend of the main character whose name is Aoba Suzukaze.

Nene is often called Nenecchi. I also call her with friends.

I sometimes painted her with iPad, but some of them are a copy of a picture or a part of the whole body of her.

The following pages are the examples of a copy of a picture


and a part of the whole body of her.


I gradually want to try to paint the whole body having varios poses, so I painted.

I have naver painted the whole body and also thought about a pose. I started drawing various poses with my imagination.


But because of lack of experience of painting the whole body, I had the group of Nenecchi having weird body.


That Nenecchi has very short arms. Both upper arm and forearm have to be drew longer. To draw exactly, that hand has to be located at her crotch.

I used Magic Poser to draw an exact body and look for the idea of poses, and I could understand the way of drawing them by having a close look at the body in this app.



I decided to paint that pose because these reasons:

  • Kawaii
  • That pose enables me to draw some creases of clothes that I want to practice
  • Nenecchi's face of the picture will not too small
  • It is not too difficult for me to draw 

and I drew.


But those hands and feet are weird shape. I used Handy to draw more exactly.



I am grateful to these apps. I can not paint the whole body of Nenecchi without those.

And I colored Nenecchi with color pallets in Concepts.


There are convenient colors to paint simple illustration.


But it was difficult for me to chose suitable colors to express shadow colors, so I spent a lot of my time choosing these colors.


I completed painting Nenecchi, posted the picture on pixiv sketch and had a pleasant time.

Kawaii Nenecchi relieve my fatigue... and painting makes me focused and happy.

I want to try to draw various poses as many as possible to paint more kawaii characters.