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Quote: Code Complete, Second Edition

The General Principle of Software Quality is that improving quality reduces development costs.

the best way to improve productivity and quality is to reduce the time spent reworking code, whether the rework arises from changes in requirements, changes in design, or debugging.

 I used to rewite code many times because I can't anticipate finished code.

The industry-average productivity for a software product is about 10 to 50 of lines of delivered code per person per day (including all noncoding overhead). It takes only a matter of minutes to type in 10 to 50 lines of code, so how is the rest of the day spent? 

 I couldn't notice that we can write only 10 to 50 lines of code per day. It's so few...

Therefore, the most obvious method of shortening a development schedule is to improve the quality of the product and decrease the amount of time spent debugging and reworking the software. 

Is the quality of the product that we don't have to spend much time for dubugging and reworking the software?